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Children are our most precious natural resource.  -HERBERT HOOVER      The soul is healed by being with children.  -FYODOR DOSTOEVSKY 
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18 Vanessa Martinez

Friday 06/07/2013 19:08:35 UTC
Little Angels Daycare is a fully qualified daycare. Jyoti and her team are professional, reliable and loving. Jyoti has a huge heart and always puts her families and the children first. I feel confident that my daughter is in good hands and I highly recommend her to all parents who are looking for an AMAZING daycare. My husband and I are pleased with the healthy, safe and fun learning environment that Jyoti provides for our daughter.WE LOVE YOU JYOTI & STAFF! THANK YOU!!!WE APPRECIATE YOU!!
17 Sneha Gulrajani

Thursday 05/02/2013 20:13:40 UTC
I highly recommend Little Angels Day Care. The treatment that my daughter got was amazing, welcomed her in like thier own. Very friendly but professional enviroment. You will not regret choosing this day care for your child, best decision I made.

Phone #: 818-926-0938
16 Rebecca Ruiz-Penuela

Saturday 01/05/2013 00:33:51 UTC
Little Angels Daycare has come highly recommended by several of my friends and family. Placing my daughter in their care has been the best decision I made for her. Jyoti and Fabiola have been extremely helpful and loving in caring for my daughter during a rough transition period. I highly recommend Little Angels Daycare to any parent that is looking for a daycare that feels like you are leaving your child with family.
15 C.M. Quiros

Monday 11/12/2012 09:27:11 UTC
Jyoti, her family and staff (Fabiola) are absolutely phoenomenal! I found the daycare when I was stationed in CA on recruiting duty which meant that I worked long hours and had very stressful requirements but I never worried about my daughter because she was always cared for and I was never pressured because she was flexible with the hours I needed. Attention to detail, cleanliness, curriculum, outdoor play, music time and her food (she is an amazing cook) was awesome. My daughter has fond memories of her time spent at Little Angels and I will always be grateful for the sincere care and love that was provided to her and the kind friendship and support that she showed me. Jyoti in general is a very caring person but it is evident that she is truly passionate about children and their well being. I highly recommend her daycare and wish we were still there so she could care for my Son! We miss her!
14 Bria

Friday 11/09/2012 18:17:17 UTC
My two daughters have been with Jyoti for just over a month now and they love it! My 4 year old talks about her friends and the good time they have at the daycare. My 11 month old is all smiles when I pick her up. At times she doesn't even want to leave, which is a sign that she really enjoys her time spent at Little Angeles. Jyoti is great with the kids and is very nurturing, as if they were her own. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't come across Jyoti's daycare. I am beyond satisfied!!
13 kaja

Thursday 11/08/2012 21:03:16 UTC
Before settling with Jyoti’s daycare I had visited several ones and the decision was easy – Jyoti is very welcoming, warm and caring with both you and your little ones! Her home is truly your kids’ home during the day. Also, she is happily willing to go through the trouble of using expressed mother’s milk for the baby, although it is an extra chore -- as one of the examples of her care and devotion. She is also extremely flexible when I occasionally needed to pick them up at random times for doctor’s visits, etc -- that was no problem, even when I knew it would interfere with her regular daycare schedule (eg. to put baby down for nap prior to regular time and pick them up during nap time, etc). Jyoti made it feel seamless!

And – beware – the trouble is that when you go to pick up your kids, THEY MAY NOT WANT TO COME HOME – I think they have much too good time in there! So go for it if you dare that to happen!!!
12 Elmer

Thursday 11/08/2012 00:51:22 UTC
Jyoti is a blessing!!! We took my our son to her from 6 months old until he was ready for pre-K. She is very courtious, sweet, loving, and respectful. She cares for all her kids as if they were her own and how she would want someone to take care of her daughter. You will NOT be dissapointed taking your child to her and you will always want to go back to visit. Thank you jyoti, ray, zenab, and fabiola. You really are the best!! Our son is now 7 going on 8.
11 Victor Alvarez

Friday 09/28/2012 18:01:18 UTC
Thank you Jyoti and Fabiola for providing a safe and nurturing environment for my daughter. I really appreciate the great care that you provided throughout the two years that Isabella stayed in your care before she attended preschool. Little Angels Daycare provides a safe, clean, loving,and nurturing environment. Thank you.
10 Silvia Vargas

Friday 09/28/2012 17:58:41 UTC
Jyoti, thanks for taking great care of my girls. You are definitely dependable and really like how well organized your daycare program is. I like that you incorporate outside play, educational time, and a schedule for the kids. Isabella really enjoyed her time at Little Angels Daycare and grew very close to you and Fabiola. I was extremely comfortable when leaving to school (CSUN) and full-time intership because I knew she was happy to be there. This was definitely her 2nd home without a doubt. Thank you for your great dedication to the children, I really appreciate it! I am really glad that you are available to take care of my 2nd baby girl whenever it is necessary and perhaps when I return to work. Little Angels Day Care provides a clean, stable, safe, nurturing and loving environment. Thank you :)
9 Doretta Crawford

Monday 09/24/2012 21:47:38 UTC

Thank you for the wonderful care you provided my granddaughter and nephew. With you they were safe, well cared for, and happy. My granddaughter thought she was part of your family. Now that we have moved out of the area, we know we will never find another caregiver like Little Angels or another loving family like yours. We miss you.

Doretta Crawford and Family

Phone #: (217) 416-1108
8 Laurel Moffitt

Friday 08/24/2012 16:33:50 UTC
Johnathan started daycare @ Little Angels in September 2011 @ 4 months old. Joyti & her wonderful staff made my entire family always feel welcome and part of the family. Johnathan thrived being there and is far more advanced than other children his age. We highly recommend Little Angels Daycare and miss everyone there.

Phone #: 8182949857
7 Joy Michele

Thursday 08/23/2012 20:11:57 UTC
I give Jyoti and her staff and family, my highest recommendation. Little Angels Daycare is a warm, loving, nurturing, happy environment. I was lucky enough to have Jyotis loving help and support for the 5 years that she cared for my nephew, who is happy, confident, and smart and has excellent social skills, because of Jyotis commitment to him and our family. This is so much more than a daycare. We love Jyoti and we are forever greatful to her!! xoxoxxo

Phone #: 626 472-3198
6 Elsa

Friday 08/10/2012 01:05:12 UTC
Having to choose a daycare was one very tough decision., having visited and interviewed various daycare providers in the area, Little Angels Daycare was the best fit for my 4 month old son Luca.

This home based daycare is everything I was looking for and more! They provide home made meals, keep all the kids clean, and have fun filled activities for them daily. Jyoti and her bi-lingual staff are loving and caring with my son and I can tell he has lots of affection for them too.

Best choice I made was placing my son with Jyoti and her staff was a great decision and I would recommend her to anyone.

Phone #: 8184566497
5 Margarita Laverde

Friday 07/27/2012 22:30:46 UTC
People will often ask us who our daycare provider was with our 5 year old son, Diego. They are often surprised to hear that we had Diego at a licensed home day care that we found after interviewing with various places in the area. Diego is not shy at all and has excellent social skills. I can truly say that much of this came from his 4 year care with Little Angels Day Care. Jyoti provides a 2nd home for "her kids". They are fed warm home-made meals, have excellent learning tools and the best home daycare center I have seen. Everything is done with the kids in mind, and it shows. We were very surprised when Diego showed he recognized all of the letters of the alphabet in random order, and WE had not taught him this at home!! He was less than 2 yrs old. He was taught songs, colors, shapes and many skills that are part of the daily curriculum that Little Angels puts together. Without a doubt, I would refer any friend or family to Little Angels Day Care. I would be more than happy to provide a personal reference.

Phone #: (818) 974-6109
4 Raul Melgoza

Tuesday 06/26/2012 23:48:27 UTC
My son Ruben Valentino is always really relaxed when coming out of Jyoti's Day Care. He always has the same look in his face like he just stepped out of a spa. He feels he is treated extra special, well fed, groomed and is happy to see Jyoti. I know all the staff really cares for my son and they show it. I am glad my son receives the best care a father would want for his son.

Thanks Jyoti and staff,

Raul Melgoza

Phone #: 818-814-0805
3 Rosa

Thursday 06/14/2012 18:15:43 UTC
I am glad to find a place that I could trusted and be controllable with my child being there. I look around and I didn't feel safe and ok with and I found Ms.Joyti she show me around and she is ok with u showing up anytime and check on the place.... Im really happy with Ms. Joyti and the other ladys that work with her...
2 Cristina Boykins

Thursday 06/14/2012 16:30:24 UTC
My 19month old has been with Ms. Jyoti since she was 9 months old. She absolutely loves it! She comes home singing songs that I have never taught her and when she gets to school in the morning and hears the kids playing outside she takes off running to go and join her friends. We love the fact that we feel our daughter is safe in a secure and very clean environment. It gives us such peace of mind that she is well taken care of while we are at work. I have and will continue to recommend our daycare to all of our friends.
1 Charnai

Wednesday 06/13/2012 23:27:20 UTC
Little Angels Day Care is a safe warm environment for children of all ages to explore curiosity and bring their imaginations to life. The education provided is excellent and my 16 month old son is soaring past other infants his age. His ability to communicate his needs and feelings are great. He can recite his ABCs, sing nursery rhymes, has learned to greet others with humulity, shares with peers etc. I can not ask for better care or my son!

Phone #: (818)310-2502



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